Crypto Packaged Goods

250 collectible NFTs facilitating access to networking and mentorship at the intersection of crypto and consumer—while supporting nonprofits.

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All NFTs Grant Access to:

Private Club CPG Telegram Chat
Direct access to our community of crypto and consumer mentors, mentees, and influencers

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Early Access: Club CPG Investment Vehicle (2022)
Investing in crypto + consumer startups for accredited investors

Club CPG Events
Networking, education, and community
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A community where crypto meets consumer.

Mentor Pass Airdrop
A dream team of 50 Mentors receives an airdrop of Mentor Pass NFTs.

Member Pass Proliferation
Mentors also receive Member Passes, which they send to peers or mentees of their choice.

Public Sale
150 additional Member Passes are sold to the public for .2 ETH on OpenSea.

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The profits? They go to charity.

The CPG Mentors

Thank you for your contributions
Chris Cantino
Kat Cole
Greg Isenberg
Packy McCormick
Sahil Bloom
Jaime Schmidt
Arlan Hamilton
Nik Sharma
Jack Butcher
Shaan Puri
Alex Lieberman
Meagan Loyst
Ty Haney
Sriram Krishnan
Bored Elon
Matthew Panzarino
Jarrod Dicker
Scott Norton
Gaby Goldberg
Magdalena Kala
Josh Constine
Jackson Dame
Ian Kar
Nate Bosshard
Nait Jones
Tiffany Zhong
Greg Fleishman
Amanda Goetz
Andrea Hernandez
Mike Duboe
Alex Adelman
Michael Miraflor
Seyi Taylor
Taylor Sicard
Kinjal Shah
Romeen Sheth
Rex Woodbury
Grace Clarke
Future Alisha
Orchid Bertelsen
Emmett Shine
Robleh Jama
Jon Wu
Taylor Holiday
Nate Cooper
Josh Snow
Neil Saunders
Michelle Grant
Mark Gallo

☺ Donation to Project Potluck ☺

100% of profits from the public sale will be donated to Project Potluck, a nonprofit that supports the growth of CPG businesses owned and operated by people of color.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Crypto Packaged Good (CPG) NFT?

CPG NFTs are collectible Ethereum tokens that grant access within the Club CPG community. For more info, read the Project Overview.

How do I get a CPG NFT?

There are three ways to get a CPG NFT.

1) Be one of our CPG Mentors that receives the initial airdrop
2) Be gifted a Member Pass NFT by a CPG Mentor
3) Buy one with Ethereum on OpenSea

What can I do with my CPG NFT?

1) Access the private Telegram group
2) Receive early access to the Club CPG Investment Vehicle (expected early 2022)
3) Access Club CPG events

What's the difference between the passes?

There are ten variations of Member Passes, all of which grant the same access, and are of equal rarity. Mentor Passes are only airdropped to a curated group of mentors.

How do I access the Telegram group?

All CPG NFTs grant access to the group. After confirming the NFT is in your wallet, join the community via this link. You will be asked to connect your wallet via, which will authorize you to join. For more details, read the Project Overview.

How much does a CPG NFT cost?

The public sale floor starts at 0.2 ETH on OpenSea. After that, the market decides.

What is Project Potluck?

Project Potluck is a nonprofit that supports the growth of businesses owned and operated by people of color. All profits from the public sale will be donated to Project Potluck.

Who created the project?

Chris Cantino and Jaime Schmidt.

How do I contact Club CPG?

Email us at